Event requests

Are you looking for a speaker or sponsorship for a developer event? You're in the right place!

Coil’s support for your event can take the form of speakers and panelists, hosting workshops, providing Coil promotional items, or financial sponsorship.

Request a speaker or sponsorship

To make a request, please email devs@coil.com and include:

  • The name and topic(s) of your event
  • A link to your event website
  • What type of support you are looking for (speaker, sponsorship, etc.). If you are looking for financial or promotional item support, please include the amount. If you have a sponsorship prospectus, please link to or attach it.
  • How you meet our event participation criteria (listed below).
  • Any other information that will help us evaluate your request

We also request that you submit your request at least 6 weeks prior to the event date. It takes time to review requests and we want to make sure there is sufficient time to work together to craft the best way to be represented at your event.

Please note that Coil will not be hosting or speaking at in-person events, such as industry conferences, at least through spring of 2021, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to support and host virtual format events and are looking to add more innovative ways to connect with our community virtually in the coming months.

Event Participation Criteria

Code of conduct

We require events we participate in to publish and enforce a code of conduct for their event attendees, staff, sponsors, and speakers.

Diversity of Participation

We will only join in events where there is meaningful participation by underrepresented groups (women, people of color, people with disabilities, and non-binary persons). This includes panel discussions of more than two people, not including the chair.

We feel these are minimum standards to meet, and reserve the right to withdraw speakers, funding or visible sponsorship (logos, etc.) from an event that demonstrates an unwillingness or inability to provide an inclusive and safe environment. This includes continuing to allow inappropriate or harassing conduct and content, and not adequately responding to abuse or COC violations.

We also highly encourage the following practices:

  • Offering diversity scholarships (free or discounted tickets) to people in underrepresented groups.
  • Financial compensation for presenters and workshop hosts in the form of speaker fees or stipends.
  • Mindful support of accessibility, including live captioning.
  • Inclusive language. We encourage inclusive language that includes, but is not limited to, discouraging the use of gendered or ableist language and content.

Have a question about events that is not covered here? Please email devs@coil.com.