Developers all over the world are experimenting with Coil and Web Monetization. Here are a few examples of projects (tools, plugins, and libraries) based on the Web Monetization API.

Open Source projects

Coil’s open source projects and some of the web standards we participate in supporting

Grant for the Web

A $100 million fund to promote innovation in Web Monetization.

Grant for the Web is funded and led by Coil, in collaboration with Creative Commons and Mozilla. The fund hopes to address some of the most serious problems facing the Web, by funding individuals, projects, and global communities that contribute to a privacy-centric, open, and accessible web monetization ecosystem.

Grantees of Grant for the Web

Fund your Post Apocalyptic Human Resistance Cell

Two short books about implementing the JavasScript monetization API that fit into an existing series by the Undead Institute to make learning fun.


Discriminator is an interactive documentary by Brett Gaylor about facial recognition

Web Monetized Multimedia

The project focus of web-monetized-multimedia is to deliver a Web Component Library that enables its users to build a multimedia content platform with new possibilities for monetizing various types of content.

Storage To The People

This project researches and prototypes a workflow and API that allows users to easily store data with a storage provider using a one-time micropayment, with no need for storage provider or front-end service accounts and financial commitments.

WebMonetization Helpers

This project is about designing helpers for different libraries in Javascript, to simplify the use of WebMonetization in new applications. Along with this, it involves promoting these technologies through events and hackathons, starting in Latin America.

Exploring Web Monetization through Firefox

Through this project, we explored how we can support Web Monetization natively in a web browser. We wanted to evaluate whether existing web infrastructure could be leveraged by creating a reference implementation in Firefox. We also wanted to verify and provide feedback to the specification based on the implementation.

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Community Projects

A selection of projects utilizing the Web Monetization API.

We love to hear about your projects & know this isn’t a comprehensive list (it’s hard to keep up!).
Please share what you are working on via email at, or on Twitter @Coil.


Akita presents your top visited monetized sites, how much time spent on them, and how much you're contributing (or could contribute) to them.

Awesome web monetization

An open-source repository that lists web monetization packages, tutorials, documentation, modules and other content.

Gatsby Plugin

Add Web Monetization Meta Tag on your Gatsby site.


Web monetization in Indigo, a theme for the Hugo static site generator


A Jekyll plugin to add Web Monetization API payment pointers to your site.

Monetize 11ty

An Eleventy plugin to monetize posts and site content by creating exclusive content areas.

Monetize your Dart apps

Dart package for implementing and controlling Web Monetization on your web app.

Monetize your Electron App

Demo a basic setup to enable web monetization in Electron Apps


Event-driven library to manage and simulate Web Monetization

Open Monetization Wallet

Support for: custom wallet URLs, change wallets/providers, Logs of incoming payment requests. Revenue sharing. Serverless technology.


Track and manage your micropayments to Web-Monetized websites

Python x Web Assembly Experiment

A web monetized demo hub where users can experiment with data science

Rack Middleware for the Web Monetization API

Offers support for handling status updates from the Web Monetization API.

React Hook WM

Hooks for integrating React with Web Monetization.

React Web Monetization

React component that lets you access the state of Web Monetization

React Web Monetization Meta

Reusable React component adds a custom Web Monetization payment pointer to the document head.

Revshare Web Component

Javascript library to make revenue sharing with Web Monetization easier

Svelte Monetization

A minimal and lightweight wrapper for the Web Monetization API.


Open-source Web Monetization testing library

TypeScript types for Web Monetization

Web Monetization Types

Vanilla by Cinnamon

Service (API) adding Web Monetization verification features for applications that require higher level of flexibility.

Vue Plugin for Web Monetization

Implement Web Monetization using plugins in your Vue App.

Vuepress Web Monetization Plugin

Adds a web-monetization meta tag to your VuePress website.

Web Components for Web Monetization

A collection of web components you can use on your web monetized websites. Includes an ad hider and exclusive content

Web Monetization for NPM packages

A modular CLI that helps monetize npm packages using the Web Monetization API

Web Monetization on your Gatsby blog (with RSS)

Add web monetization to your Gatsby blog & create content that is only visible to users that are sending you micropayments.

Web monetization proxy

Simple proxy for injecting Web Monetization meta tags. Intended to be deployed as a sidecar process alongside Web Monetization unaware webapps. is a platform for creators to earn micropayments through their posts or their tutorials. Creators can also earn XRP tips via the XUMM walle


Command-line tool to add Web Monetization meta tag to html & other other filetypes.


JavaScript library to manage meta tags. Best for single-page JavaScript apps that need to dynamically monetize different creators.


Helpers and hooks to speed up your integration with Web Monetization API